Total.jpgSEKT is Lars Rödin born in 1984, Trollhättan, Sweden and Patrik Andersson born in 1982, in Sweden also. Both have been doing music since childhood playing everything from acoustic guitars... to rock bands.

They both like all kinds of music everything from ballads to death metal but they also listen a lot to Psychedelic trance... They have been doing music together as SEKT since 2005. They get their Inspiration from things happening in everyday life and also from music they listen to.

When they party they create aggressive music, if the party gets heavy and mad the music gets more psychedelic.

Patrik is also known in a single project as Total, which appears on Cannibal Syndrome Records.

Lars Rödin is also creating music alone by the name Diagnos Psykos and the type is Psychedelic horror. Also dangerous samples and dark melodies that can really fuck people up. The bpm is from 150-160 but also make twisted tracks with no cohesion. The project could be described as Psychedelic Terror music.

Lars Started to create his own music to satisfy his needs and because he thinks nothing that was made is really horror or scary, terror influenced him a lot.

Lars Equipment: Using Fruityloops, Reason, Adobe Adition, Cubase and a lot more music programs. Lars also uses keyboards and guitars. He has a computer and a laptop... Cerwin Vega lound speaker, amplifier. He is gonna buy an electronic drumset as soon as possible to make the music more real.

Hope you enjoy...