thumbnail_artist.jpgGubbology is the psychdelic trance project from the two friends Mattias Lundgren and Olof Ejstes. The duo became friends back in 2002 in Trollhättan when the recordlabel Decode was still active.
Club Elvis was a night put on by the crew from this label. Many good nights were celebrated at this small venue. A lot of late nights with some seriously weird music and some even weirder people.
Mattias started to construct his wonderful musicstudio somewhere around this time. Located on the idyllic countryside just outside Trollhättan this place is just the perfect venue for creation of spaced out music.

Gubbolgy is happy to present a kind of trancemusic that is looking into both the future, the past… and the present moment. Both Mattias and Olof is working with other forms of music in soloprojects.
Mattias Lundgrens laidback electronica, created under the name “Mal” can often be heard at the frensh webradiostation subsound radio.Olof Ejstes is working in various forms of dubmusic under the psudonym “Caf” and has released a free of charge Ep on he netlabel Radio of The Pickled Gizmo. (rotpg001 Caf – Knasterbas) Lundgren and Ejstes has also recorded two freeform sessions in experimental frequncies for the label (The Pickled Gizmo podcast session 1-2.)

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