Aremakki is the psychedelic trance project of Andreas Appelgren. Born and raised in Sweden. He began experimenting with music in his early teens, and got his first release in 2006, at age 19. ...Read More


Beng was born in Bangkok, Thailand, but lives now in Trollhättan, Sweden. I'm on my third year as a music producer and makes dance music, around 150-180bpm. Some may not think it's so dance friendly, but everyone has their own taste.. hehe =) ...Read More

Cut the Cheese

Cut the Cheese is the side project of Toxic Anger Syndrome but here he focuses more on the lower bpm range (under 145 bpm) ...Read More

Funk U

Funk U is a experimental project of Katastrof. I started this project cuz I like music =) Myspace: ...Read More


Gubbology is the psychdelic trance project from the two friends Mattias Lundgren and Olof Ejstes. The duo became friends back in 2002 in Trollhättan when the recordlabel Decode was still active. ...Read More


Katastrof was born 1983 in a town called Trollhättan. Started to listen to Progg & trance 1995 and started his own project 97 - 98. He has never been to serious but likes to hear his own progress. ...Read More


Oliveira is the project of Johan Ohlsson. Born and raised in Trollhättan. His passion for psychedelic dance music started, when his friend Jonas Strand (r.i.p) showed him the Classical Mushroom album from the Infected Mushroom. ...Read More


RotSystem is Björn Andersson (Katastrof) and Daniel Eklund (Squees) They are both from Trollhättan, Sweden living on the right side of the river in Kråkestan ;) ...Read More


SEKT is Lars Rödin born in 1984, Trollhättan, Sweden and Patrik Andersson born in 1982, in Sweden also. Both have been doing music since childhood playing everything from acoustic guitars... to rock bands. ...Read More


Squees is many things, one of them Daniel Eklund... after many years of crazyness finally he have found peace with himself and want to be the best father he can be. ...Read More


Total is the project of Patrik Andersson, born and raised in Sweden. His interest in music started very early when he found some old instruments in the basement and he had only music on his mind. ...Read More

Toxic Anger Syndrome

Toxic Anger Syndrome [TAS] is a psychedelic experiment that I mainly do for the fun sake. When I started back in 2004 I had alot of "freetime" and producing is also a good therapy for me to escape from "the all day madness" that goes around in our crazy world... ...Read More


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Varanta is the project of Niclas Johansson. I am 25 years old and live in Trollhättan (Sweden). ...Read More